Original Cow Is 100% Well Raised Meat

We Work Directly With Small Farmers and Processors in New England to Provide Healthy Local Beef, Properly Aged, 100% Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, Local Meats and We Deliver.  No Grains, No Antibiotics or Hormones Ever.

No animal stress, responsibly raised and processed.
Taste Beef the way it is meant to taste.

Monthly Delivery      Bulk Beef
"I’m hopelessly in love with the ground beef after trying the one you gave me with our turkey. Best grassfed ground beef I’ve had! - Rekka

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All Meat Acquired  Within NY New England Area
100% GRASS-FED PASTURE Raised Local Beef With No Pesticides, Antibiotics Or Hormones

Due to our strict traceability standards,

all of our beef can be traced back to 

the very animal it came from

Original Cow Meat Co. Bethel CT

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