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Processing is done to order.  3-4 weeks for delivery with 2 week aging included.
Special cuts available.  Standard orders are frozen and boxed before delivery in vacuum packs for long life in the freezer. Fresh from the farm.
Re-live the best steak you have ever had!  Because of our ageing process and storage methods, our steaks are AMAZING!  The fat and the textures of our meats make it worth every penny.  This is NOT "INTERNET MEAT!!" This is the quality meat you get at a high end steak house. 
Original Cow currently delivers meats to families in the Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield, Litchfield counties of Connecticut and Putnam and Westchester County NY but check back and try us as we grow! A little further out?  Hey, try us!  We can figure something out.
Watch a Video On Cooking and Eating Grass Fed Beef
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